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[-] Yellow - 1.5km - 13 controls

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Blake & Candice Jones Ind M12 27.39
2 Frances King Ind W50 28.28
3 Henry Jeffries OD M4 33.55
4 Rory sarkies OD M4 63.50
5 Alexia & Tilly Cope OD W12/W40 31.16 Wrong No 7 - 108 instead of 109
6 Rosalind, Simon and William Galt Ind W55 49.32 Missing No 8

[-] Orange - 2.3 km - 17 controls

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
N/C Kim OD M70 31.56 2nd run
1 Mia Campbell OD W10 35.27
2 Xiaoying Li Ind W21 37.30
3 Kathryn Stuart Ind W21 38.54
4 Kath Wright OD W70 52.05
5 Frances King Ind W50 52.28
6 Paul Matthews, Christian and Jacqui Jones Wootton RR M40/M14/W45 62.53
7 Louis Pointon & Leon Sikugi (+Kim) 74th Scouts M12/M12 89.27
8 Tyler Pulham & Ben Sikugi (+Keith) 74th Scouts M12/M12 125.10
9 Geri & Brent perkins Ind W21/M50 38.38 Missing No 3

[-] Green - 3.4km - 23 controls

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Thomas Honniball OD M21 33.38
2 Richard Windsor LEI M50 33.43
3 Wendy Billing SYO W50 41.50
4 Michael King Ind M55 43.03
5 Oliver King Ind M18 50.22
6 John Wright OD M70 56.35
7 John Bowman OD M70 60.28
8 Mike Snell OD M55 69.57
9 John Lloyd & Martin Fowler Wootton RR M60/M60 77.08
10 Stan & Rachel Alexander OD M60/W55 88.25
11 Jacob Till Ind M21 63.13 Missing No 2
12 Jackie Stuart OD W55 83.19 Missing No's 11 & 20
13 Andrew Till Ind M50 85.44 Missing No 5

[-] OD ARE THE BEST - 4.0km - 26 controls

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Bob Brandon OD M60 20.20 80.20 - 60.00
2 Chris McCartney OD M40 39.12 37.12 + 2.00 - Repeated 125
3 Alan Halliday OD M55 40.09
4 John Ward OD M65 45.34
5 Allan McKinley HOC M35 45.49 40.49 + 5.00 - Missed No 21 (H)
6 John Middler OD M60 46.59 41.59 + 5.00 - Missed No 7 (A)
7 Steph Ellis-Gray OD W21 50.01 48.01 + 2.00 - Repeated 125
8 Anne Wade OD W50 57.57
9 Sue Bicknell OD W65 65.29
10 Lin Page OD W55 71.14 67.14 + 4.00 - Repeated 125 and 113
11 Rodney Hugo OD M65 75.44
12 Alan & Kathy Sampson OD M50/W45 76.31


Well I hope it was and you all enjoyed your runs. It certainly seemed that way to me from all the lovely comments you made. Thank you. And the smiles shone as bright as the sun. I love orienteers, they are a happy lot. It was especially nice to see so many enthusiastic newcomers. Hopefully we’ll see you again at an event soon.

One of my alternative headings before the race was “BOB IS THE STAR AT EVERDON O RACE” and indeed he was. Not only was he the only one brave enough to run an alternative version, in the final results he won by miles. Bob’s sentence might not have been entirely truthful. I’m not sure I’m the best female at anything and I’ve certainly never been described as a raver before! But it was highly complimentary (and we females do like a compliment) and I was so pleased someone had risen to my challenge that I used my organisers prerogative and awarded him the maximum time reduction of an hour. Well done Bob, you’re my star.

(As I seem to have a talent for predictions I shall say now, in the hope it comes true too, “OD ARE THE STARS AT THE CSC FINAL”. Well SYO are obviously worried, they sent one of their members down to spy on us!)

Allan McKinley from HOC was not so lucky. He toyed with the idea of visiting controls ‘N’, ‘O’ and ‘T’ again within the sentence to negate it. And though he resisted the temptation, even thinking such a blasphemous thing jinxed him and he missed a control! There’s no going against the truth! I’ve not disqualified anyone on the long course though as I think you were all really great to try it. Instead I have given a 5 minute penalty for missing a control and a 2 minute penalty for every control that was repeated.

I was very pleased to see some of our young juniors out and starting on their way. I think there will be some strong competition between Henry and Rory in the future. And Mia obviously takes after her Dad Iain, very talented, winning her first race.

Finally I would like to thank all the wonderful people who helped me.

John Ward for running registration so efficiently.

Karin Kirk for helping all the newcomers. She is always so enthusiastic and welcoming.

John Middler, Bob Brandon, Lin Page, Steph Ellis-Gray and John Ward for collecting in all the controls, and

Geoff Mander for being my very able assistant and not backing out on his promise to help when I said on Friday we would need to leave at 6.00am this morning.

I’ve just thought, maybe Bob was saying I was raving mad rather than wildly enthusiastic about OD. Perhaps I’ll go back and adjust those times....!

Suzanne Humphries

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