[-] Yellow 1.9km 12 Controls

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Josh Hill Ind 19.52
2 Joel Taylor Ind M6 30.36
3 Alexander Hague OD M10 39.35

[-]Orange 2.9km 14 Controls

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Karin Kirk OD W60 32.47
2 Liz Phillips OD W45 33.39
3 Mary Southgate Ind W21 43.46
4 Rebecca Grier Ind W35 53.59
5 Elizabeth Urquhart OD W55 56.21
6 Stanley Stringer OD M10 63.42

[-]Green 4.7km 18 Controls

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Tony Feltbower OD M55 42.02
2 Paul Taylor Ind M35 42.09
3 Michael Hanson-Morris OD M18 45.05
4 Andy White HOC M55 46.46
5 Adrian Bailey HOC M45 48.25
6 Sheila Carey OD W65 48.44
7 Toby Greaves OD M40 49.06
8 John Ward OD M65 49.16
9 Barry McGowan HOC M60 51.17
10 Peter Carey OD M65 51.39
11 John Middler OD M55 52.07
12 Peter Leake LEI M70 56.29
13 Russ Fauset HOC M60 59.00
14 John Bowman OD M65 59.15
15 Alan & Kathy Sampson Ind M50 / W45 59.21
16 Jeremy Smith OD M45 59.22
17 John Boden OD M60 61.27
18 Tim Cole Ind M45 62.46
19 Phil May OD M55 63.23
20 Rodney Hugo OD M65 63.56
21 Robert Vickers HOC M65 64.44
22 Graeme Baker Ind M21 64.58
23 Richard Steel Ind M45 67.22
24 Dennis Mews HOC M60 71.36
25 Greta Greenall OD W60 74.31
26 Sue Hallett OD W65 76.13
27 Ros James SMOC W50 78.10
28 Lin Page OD W55 80.46
29 Sue Bicknell OD W65 83.35
Faye Greaves OD W21 73.52 m16 - 18
Irene Rogers OD W60 35.02 m12 - 18 Didn't realise there was a 2nd side
Jeremy Higgins Ind M45 Rtd

[-]Blue (Map Memory) 4.4km 15 Controls

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Iain Embrey OD M21 32.20
2 John Embrey HOC M50 36.54
3 Andy Emmerson OD M55 37.08
4 Bruce Bryant OD M50 43.19
5 Rachel Emmerson OD W16 47.27
6 Alan Halliday OD M55 52.47
7 Bill Nicolson OD M45 53.26
8 Joshua Jelley Ind M14 53.33
9 Peter Hornsby LEI M55 55.04
10 Steph Ellis-Gray OD W21 55.23
11 Mike Hampton OD M65 55.42
12 Bob Brandon OD M60 56.19
13 Alan Segar OD M35 56.23
14 Isabel Urquhart OD W21 57.36
15 Mike Baggott HOC M60 63.47
16 Mark Foxwell LEI M45 67.03
17 Daniel Nolan Ind M21 71.04
18 Jane Halliday OD W50 71.40
19 Graham Urquhart OD M55 72.27
20 Zoe Nicolson OD W14 81.45
21 Barbara Morse OD W60 88.30
Jacky Embrey HOC W50 80.48 m14, 15 Ran out of time

Thank you everyone for turning up to my first ever event and being so positive. Until you put on an event you don't realise quite how much work is involved and all your kind comments made it all worth while. I was especially delighted so many people tried my Blue course. Your comments have been noted and if I do another one I will make the controls harder .. but the map boards easier to find! Apologies to those who didn't quite understand my explanation and lost time, especially Mike Hampton who was first out and rather the 'guinea pig' of the course.

It would have been impossible to put on the event if it were not for so many kind people. Thank you to John ward for mentoring me through my first event and running the registration. A big thank you to all the wonderful people who waited to collect controls in for me. Jeremy Smith, John Ward, Alan Segar,Peter and Sheila Carey, Sue Bicknell, Greta Greenall and Sue Hallett. By the end of the evening that was the last thing I felt like doing.

Thank you to Brian Merriman of L.B. Thwaites Estates for allowing us to use these beautiful woods again. It's the perfect location for a Summer Evening Event especially when the weather was as kind as it was.

And finally thank you to Geoff Mander, I couldn't have put the event on without all his constant help and support.

Hopefully see you at my next event. I'll have to start thinking of a different 'Something Different' to try for next time!

Suzanne Humphries