[-] Yellow

PositionNameClubAge ClassTime
1 Alexander Hague OD M10 24:50:00
2 Bradley Powles & Daniel Martin M10 34:23:00
3 Freddie Walker OD M5 45:25:00
4 Ashley & David Knott M10 50:06:00

[-] Orange

PositionNameAge ClassClubTime
1 Jeremy Knott M16 OD 24:19:00
2 Ros James W50 SMOC 31:55:00
3 Will James M20 SMOC 32:33:00
4 Nicole Hoy W11 32:44:00
5 Joel Taylor M6 37:32:00
6 Alex Bailey M13 37:42:00
7 Xiarying Li W21 41:14:00
8 Olivia Scott W14 46:30:00
9 Matthew Kermode M10 OD 47:30:00
10 Olivia Bailey W7 66:14:00

[-] Green

PositionNameAge ClassClubTimeNotes
1 Ant Walker M45 OD 29:44:00
2 Jonathan Scott M20 30:45:00
3 John Bowman M65 OD 31:22:00
4 John Boden M60 OD 32:37:00
5 Jill Emerson W45 OD 34:49:00
6 Clare Scott W45 OD 35:52:00
7 Irene Rogers W60 OD 36:54:00
8 Sue Hallett W65 OD 37:12:00
9 John Wright M70 OD 38:09:00
10 Margaret Willdig W55 OD 39:10:00
11 Douglas Scott M18 41:22:00
12 Lin Page W55 OD 41:53:00
13 Jackie Stuart W55 OD 44:05:00
14 Geoff Mander M65 OD 44:25:00
15 Barbara Ford W55 HOC 46:42:00
16 Kath Wright W65 OD 76:17:00
Jacky Embrey W50 HOC 40:44:00 Missing 128
Charlotte Boden W21 OD 53:59:00 Missing 129,131,140

[-] Blue

PositionNameAge ClassClubTimeNotes
1 Riina Kuuselo W21 OD 33:03:00
2 Tony Feltblower M55 OD 34:42:00
3 Thomas Honniball M21 OD 35:10:00
4 John Embrey M50 HOC 35:21:00
5 Chris McCartney M40 OD 35:50:00
6 Chris Rye M21 UWOC 37:24:00
7 Alan Segar M35 OD 37:47:00
8 Anne Strange W35 OD 42:04:00
9 Ezra Lutton M21 OD 43:49:00
10 Mike Hampton M65 OD 45:28:00
11 Peter Langman M40 HOC 47:55:00
12 Mark Bailey M45 48:17:00
13 Steph Ellis-Gray W21 OD 49:18:00
14 Barry McGowan M60 HOC 50:12:00
15 John Ward M65 OD 51:41:00
16 Steven Borrill M40 WAOC 51:49:00
17 Phil May M55 OD 52:45:00
18 Susan Ford W21 HOC 53:36:00
19 Chris Dwyer M60 OD 59:34:00
20 Alan Cooney M21 60:35:00
21 Jeremy Smith M45 OD 60:59:00
22 Richard Steel M45 66:44:00
23 Ashley Ford M60 HOC 74:28:00
Keith Willdig M60 OD 46:54? DNF
Rachel Emmerson W16 OD 35:15:00 Missing 124,103,122,134

Thank you all for coming. Luckily, the rain held off until just before all the controls were collected in. I hope you weren’t disappointed with the shortened courses. I didn’t hear any complaints, and I think some of you were quite relieved. After initial planning I found out that we did not have permission to use the woods, so I used 3 controls that had previously been used in the fields, as it would have been a 90 mile round trip for me to check them. Unfortunately, the fences have been “improved” into this area, including layering of the hedge, and it proved impossible to penetrate, leading to 3 controls being deleted from the Green and Blue courses.

Apologies that the Blue Course maps ran out. I based the number of maps on the number of competitors that attended the last event at Ryton Pools in August and as I knew that some “Blue” competitors were having an extended holiday in Scotland I thought that would be enough. If you gave up your map to another runner after your run and would like a copy of the course please let me know your details and I will print a map and send it to you.

I had to get the courses to the printers early so I could collect the maps 2 weeks before the event (I was in Scotland for the Scottish 6 Day event the week before the event), so unfortunately I didn’t have time to put them on the updated map that Bruce sent me a few days after I sent the courses to the printers.

Thanks to my helpers, Mike Hampton and Greta and Keith Greenhall who helped me put out the controls and man the registration and download, and also helped get in the controls together with Sue Hallett, Mark Beverley and Irene Rogers. I could not have done the event without them.

Thelma Spalton

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