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WMOA Championships Certificate Awards

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[-] White - Length 2.0km, 5m climb, 12 controls

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Suzie Clarke IND W40 23:36
2 Ashley & David Knott IND M12 24:22
3 Laura Gould IND 26:06
4 Rory Sarkies OD M10 73:03
Sue Bowman/H+F+A Walker OD W65 rtd Missing nos 4-7

[-] Yellow - Length 2.5km, 10m climb, 10 controls

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Ewan Lloyd POTOC M10 21:55
n/c Catherine Bailey HOC W7 24:18
2 Matthew Kermode OD M10 27:27
3 Jack Coathup IND M12 30:12
4 Billy Jarvis IND M10 31:11
5 Emily Lloyd POTOC W10 34:25
6 Enys Lloyd POTOC M10 41:21

[-] Orange - Length 2.6km, 10m climb, 14 controls

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Karen Thomson FVO W40 42:59
2 Dan Matthews + 1 IND M35 W21 46:33
3 Geoffrey Mander OD M65 48:25
4 Sam Ward IND M12 48:36
5 Richard Hancock OD M16 53:59
6 Alfie Bullus OD M12 56:06
7 Phillip Gould IND 56:25
8 Richard Wilson IND M40 61:12
9 Beryl Pay WRE W75 79:22
Kathleen Wright OD W65 rtd Missing nos 9-14

[-] Light Green - Length 3.6km, 15m climb, 15 controls

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Heather Rogers OD W14 45:07
2 Stephen Elkington OD M14 48:42
3 Matthew Hartland WCH M14 58:28
4 Tom Ross OD M14 62:56
5 Martin Hancock IND M50 70:17

[-] Short Green - Length 2.9km, 5m climb, 14 controls

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Brian Morris WRE M70 33:03
2 Hazel Waters WCH W60 39:10
3 Sheila Carey OD W65 39:45
4 Janet Richardson OD W60 40:06
5 John Wright OD M70 43:16
6 Norman Hall WCH M75 52:02
7 Hilary Simpson OD W70 52:07
8 Jeff Haycock WRE M65 52:16
9 Marian Denham POTOC W65 54:30
10 Mike Callow WRE M70 55:31
11 Kirsty Staunton WIM W55 57:33
12 Diana Hailey OD W65 67:44
13 Ted Smith HOC M70 70:14
14 Linda Page OD W55 71:44
15 Elizabeth Urquhart OD W55 74:20
16 Joan Norris COBOC W60 77:36
17 Sue Lynch WCH W50 92:06
18 Toby Norris COBOC M70 94:44
19 Frank Smith OD M80 95:58
20 John Wilcock WCH M70 140:02

[-] Green - Length 4.1km, 15m climb, 18 controls

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Matthew Elkington OD M16 28:50
2 Robert Brandon OD M60 35:41
3 Julie Emmerson OD W16 37:41
4 Geff Trewin HOC M60 38:23
5 Ian Turner WCH M50 39:53
6 John Pearson HOC M60 43:44
7 Barry Houghton HOC M60 44:52
8 Adrian Bailey HOC M45 45:46
9 Liz Phillips OD W45 46:36
10 Stephen Bates OD M60 46:46
11 Richard Windsor LEI M45 47:13
12 John Ward OD M65 47:45
13 Francesca Slade OD W16 50:42
14 George Normand LEI M65 51:44
15 Ruth Lockley HOC W55 52:14
16 Charles Nelson HOC M60 52:34
17 Delia Kingsbury WRE W45 52:58
18 Barry McGowan HOC M60 52:59
19 Guy Ross OD M16 53:06
20 Dennis Mews HOC M60 54:11
21 Stephen Bramwell HOC M60 55:22
22 David Arnot HOC M60 56:27
23 Russ Fauset HOC M60 56:42
24 Robert Scott HOC M60 56:44
25 Rollo Rumford HOC M65 58:20
26 Stephanie Ellis-Gray OD W21 58:24
27 Daniel Roth OD M40 58:37
28 John Bowman OD M65 58:38
29 Peter Riley POTOC M16 58:39
30 Sue Bicknell OD W65 59:19
31 Marian White HOC W50 59:24
n/c Elizabeth Furness OD W55 59:24
32 Peter Carey OD M65 59:34
33 Diane Jacks WRE W40 59:36
34 Elizabeth Davies OD W16 59:59
35 Jeremy Knott OD M16 60:53
36 Jill Emmerson OD W45 61:16
37 Gwen Tanner BOK W50 62:08
38 Colm Connaughton OD M35 63:05
39 John Boden OD M60 63:18
40 Kerstin Mitchell HOC W45 63:52
41 Martin Gibbons WRE M60 64:34
42 Liz Heaton LEI W21 64:56
43 Patrick Pay WRE M70 66:26
44 Tamsin Alcock OD W16 66:52
45 Chris Boycott WCH M65 67:27
46 Sue Hallett OD W65 67:38
47 Philip Kirk OD M55 69:21
48 Chris Heaton LEI M21 70:15
49 Will Wheeler HOC M60 70:32
50 Andrew Waters WCH M60 70:33
51 Rosalind Taunton NGOC W60 70:36
52 Richard Lewis WRE M60 70:57
53 Phil Bibby WRE M55 71:44
54 Stephen Nightingale HOC M60 74:35
55 John Bennison COBOC M65 77:10
56 Jill MacKenzie HOC W50 83:58
57 Graham Urquhart OD M55 85:33
58 Barbara Ford HOC W55 87:38
59 Anne Wade OD W50 87:59
60 Ashley Ford HOC M60 89:56
61 Helen-Louisa Jordan DFOK W21 123:25
Trevor Simpson OD M70 ????
Alastair Gardner OD M16 ????
Derek Turner WRE M70 ????

[-] Blue - Length 7.0km, 30m climb, 28 controls

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Christopher MacKenzie CLOK M18 48:17
2 William Gardner OD M18 50:18
3 John Embrey HOC M50 55:23
4 Richard Pay WRE M45 56:23
5 Barry Elkington OD M55 57:42
6 Clive Richardson WRE M45 63:40
7 Richard Gardner OD M55 63:45
8 Paul Basher HOC M55 65:11
9 Andy Emmerson OD M55 65:52
10 Lesley Ross OD W45 65:59
11 Anne Straube OD W35 66:08
12 Tony Callow WRE M45 66:42
13 Amy Sarkies OD W21 68:03
14 Ray Collins WCH M55 70:49
15 Mark Thomson FVO M45 70:56
16 John Robinson WCH M60 72:57
17 Nathan Lawson DVO M14 75:17
18 Peter Langmaid HOC M40 76:40
19 Ian Gamlen COBOC M45 77:19
20 Henry Morgan POTOC M55 78:01
21 John Leeson HOC M50 78:05
22 Alan Halliday OD M55 78:25
23 Mark Garside WCH M50 78:47
24 Eamon Staunton WIM M55 80:18
25 Hannah Garside WCH W18 80:22
26 Ian Jones WCH M60 83:13
27 Andrew White HOC M55 85:19
28 Steve Chiverton HOC M60 85:33
29 John Middler OD M55 88:01
30 Karl Kingsman HOC M45 91:48
31 Kevin Ross OD M45 92:16
32 Mick Sadler COBOC M60 92:20
33 Gerry Riley POTOC M50 93:06
34 Jim Matthews WCH M55 104:06
35 Martin Lancaster M60 106:38
36 Rodney Hugo OD M65 110:51
37 Nigel Cousins HOC M55 115:53
Paul Watterson HOC M60 ????
Gerry Spalton OD M65 ????
Paul Taunton NGOC M60 ????
Keith Ellery WCH M55 rtd Missing nos 12-28
Jeremy Smith OD M45 rtd Missing nos 24-28

[-] Brown - Length 9.1km, 30m climb, 31 controls

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Andrew Monro HOC M40 59:35
2 Romualdos Stupelis HOC M21 61:04
3 Jonathan Rhys HOC M21 65:10
4 Riina Kuuselo OD W21 75:52
5 Tom Jeffries OD M40 81:15
6 Chris McCartney OD M40 82:16
7 David Lawson DVO M45 84:58
8 Mark Beverley OD M35 85:50
9 Allan Williams WCH M40 89:57
10 Alan Segar OD M35 100:44
11 Thomas Lewis WRE M21 112:17

Planners comments.

I visited the original venue for this event in August (Arley Wood) to find the forestry commission thinning all areas with unknown consequences for the map. I spoke with Bob Brandon and we tried to move to Bentley, which was available but we couldn’t sort any parking. Hay wood was the next option and permission was obtained rapidly (thanks John Bowman!).

The wood continues to improve in runnability, however the map was drawn long before GPS and in plotting some map updates using a borrowed GPS (thanks Phil Kirk!) It became apparent that the NW area of the map needed “fixing”- enter Bruce Bryant, who took my GPS work and visited the wood to update this area and the vegetation along the main track.

Elizabeth Furness helped with control hanging on Saturday afternoon and as a special birthday treat also got up at 6:00am Sunday to do more, ably assisted by Suzanne Humphries and the forest was ready in good time.

Control collectors to be mentioned in despatches were Sue Bicknell, Alan Segar, Chris Mackenzie, John Ward and Roger Edwards (controller).

I tried to plan course legs that would test compass skills as well as requiring good attack points, comments from finishers showed that it is easy to lose orientation in Hay Wood despite the ditch and path network.

So you can see from the above that today was all my own work.

Thanks to the OD team for their invaluable support in making this event happen.

Paul Furness


Organisers comments.

Thank you all for coming to today’s event. Paul certainly put on some testing courses. My green course had us running straight through the forest from the start, with little path/track running throughout. Paul had us on our toes by constantly changing direction and threw in the odd short leg to confuse. Roger Edwards our controller for the day was alert to our needs and kept us on track to deliver the event you had today. The Droobers are an organiser’s dream with plenty of offers of help to make my role so easy.

Congratulations to the Junior winners who received their trophies today. A complete list of 2011 West Midland Orienteering Association Champions will be listed on the Octavian Droobers web-site once the WMOA Chairman has confirmed eligibility of those taking part. Certificates are awarded to the first three members in each age class on A and L courses. The certificates will be sent to Club Secretaries for distribution with a week of today’s event.

Today marks the end of an era because Paul and Elizabeth Furness are moving to Scotland. I will miss them both, and you will too. It is impossible to try and list the valuable varied contribution the couple have made to orienteering in the West Midlands. Liz and Paul have made a difference, I thank you both.

Bob Brandon


Controller’s comments

Any change of area always leads to more pressure on the planner and therefore both the other two main officials. In addition the map accuracy or representation of the ground is more likely to be out of date, as the area won’t have been recently surveyed and the planner is tempted to use ‘to be mapped’ features.

The initial courses were really the best set I have reviewed and my main comments were related to trying to get some courses closer to guidelines and (near) perfect control descriptions. Not being a CONDES user also makes it more difficult as I was unaware of the special features and the points where errors can arise. This makes for more work for the Controller. This could be an issue for further out of area controllers.

The control hanging was done well, but I did a minor relocation of a few of the ‘beacon’ controls. We missed highlighting on the start lane maps the Wind blown ride feature as several competitors thought it was out of bounds. However, treating it as ‘out of bounds’ was probably to their advantage.

Paul’s Courses show that Hay Wood would be a good area for a future Middle Distance style event. The club will certainly miss having a top quality planner.

Roger Edwards


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