Results are on the live results page here (until the next event...)

Click here for a PDF of the results with club scorers.

Link to Routegadget:
Please draw/upload your route. You can also see the control order for each competitor

Club Results: in blue are the WM clubs competing for Laurie Bradley Trophy

5240   OD
4970   WRE
4900   HOC
3610   WCH
 690   DEE
 690   POTOC
 470   SN
 470   LEI
 390   HAVOC
 370   NN
 270   DVO
 270   RAFO

Planner's / Organiser's comments:

Being quite a small area, it was a challenging location for a 60 minute score which was not helped by the heavy brambles in large parts of the area. From the start, my intention was to keep you out of the worst blocks of brambles, fairly easily done on a line course but not quite so easy on a score where routes between controls are not so predictable. I also wanted to keep to a one sided map which was the main reason for the uncrossable fences to the east. On the positive side, Pooley had the benefit of hard standing for cars, toilets, a cafe, easy access and good accommodation for helpers in the event of inclement weather.

Overall, the event went well except for the river breaking its banks overnight but at least the western half was reasonable underfoot. The weather played ball for the run and, much to my surprise, we actually got the start away bang on time at 12:00:00.

I would also like to thanks all the helpers on the day, to Bruce Bryant for his excellent map that was bang up-to-date and, particularly, to Adrian Bailey for his guidance as Controller.

Finally, a thumb compass magnifying lens was handed in as lost property so please get in touch by email if it belongs to you.

   Planner - Keith Willdig

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