Click HERE for a PDF of the results.

Link to Routegadget: with corrected splits to 191 (minus 01:50) and 206 (plus 00:30)

Results are also on British Orienteering results

Link to Winsplits:  Split times, WinSplits Online with corrected splits to 191 (minus 01:50) and 206 (plus 00:30)

Link to index for course results and splits here (these splits not corrected)

Planner’s comments:
What a beautiful wood to spend time in. Every time I saw lots of deer, both Muntjac and Roe, plus an extra bonus - hares. Also, it is compact enough to put controls out in a reasonable time. It’s even private so you can put them out the day before leaving only checking on the morning. Perfect for the slightly older planner especially when she has a friend (Greta Greenall) who is also willing to get up early.

I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did especially all those willing Droober helpers who I called on in a slight panic when I discovered there were more than 90 entries! In fact, there were so many willing volunteers I had trouble finding jobs for you all. Just thanks to everyone – too many to name but you know who you are. Bob did such a great job with the signage that we had special praise for it. Graham and Liz as usual worked the download to perfection and pre organised the SI hires so we had no problems with the large number of them. I saw the mapper, Bruce, out there after his run, already improving the map for next time – a hard task in an actively managed wood.

Also, thanks to the Sea Scouts and especially their leader, Nick George I believe, who had them so well organised and briefed. I hope to see you again before too long. An especial praise to the one who came back so quickly on the Yellow he had time to go on a second course where, in spite of a slight hiccup, he did a good time.

We were very lucky with the weather - it’s not often the only complaint is that the sun was too bright to see the controls. It also meant everyone stayed around so I could chat to many Droobers I’ve not spoken to for a while (carparks can be very cold and wet meeting places)
Finally, thanks to Justin and Mark Gibbons for letting us use their wonderful wood. Hope to see it again next year.

    Sue Hallett

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