Click HERE for a PDF of the results.

Link to Routegadget: (this map updated after the event if you can spot the changes?)

Link to index for course results and splits here

Organiser's comments:

Thank you all for coming to Burton Dassett. It is not an easy area in which to plan as it is small and hilly and planning both long and short courses is tricky. The detailed plateau area is a delight, a great shame it is not larger.

We were lucky with the weather. It can be very grim on Burton Dassett in the rain. I was pleased to see people staying on and picnicing.

We had a considerable debate about holding the event given the Queen's death. In the end following official guidance we decided to go ahead. Also we genuinely felt that the Queen would have been preferred things to carry on across our country. She was definitely of a generation of ' keep calm and carry on’. We all will pay our respects in our own way.

Thanks as ever to my helpers, Gerry and Thelma who arrived really early to help set up the download and then spend considerable time on it, Keith for helping and collecting controls. Margaret and Jane for helping and putting out signs and doing download, Robert for putting out controls and managing the start, Bruce for all help with the maps and printing and help on the day and Liz for her help and input.

    Richard Gardner

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