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Organiser's comments:

Westwood is a small, fast area with plenty of detail but no particularly tricky parts until you try to run it at speed when the uncrossable fences barring passage between some buildings can catch you out. As such it lends itself to a sprint type format with lots of short legs and changes of direction that limit the ability to plan ahead.  The aim was to keep you thinking from the moment you picked up the map so you had a full-on orienteering experience rather than a boring run.  From the favourable comments received I think that objective was achieved.

There were lots of controls dotted around the area and it was pleasing that you all checked your control descriptions with the result that hardly anyone miss-punched.  The main error was forgetting to punch at the map change, resulting in disqualification.  We didn’t realise 2 of the controls were not SIAC enabled (sorry about that) and felt it unfair to disqualify anyone with hearing difficulties who was caught out.

As usual massive thanks to Bruce Bryant for the map updates, setting up the Condes file, checking the control descriptions and more.  Also, to Liz Phillips for helping with the Risk Assessment and related matters, to Graham & Liz Urquhart for running download, to Bob Brandon & Richard Gardner for control collecting in the gathering gloom and to the Tennis Centre for the use of their toilets.

No thanks at all to ACPOA and their horrid car park charging system – maybe there is a knack to it but if so, we haven’t discovered it yet.

Several Part 1 maps for both the Long and Medium courses were not reclaimed.  Richard Gardner now has them to take to the next OD event on Burton Dassett, after which they will be binned.  If you want your map back please arrange it with Richard.

Andy & Jill Emmerson


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