Click HERE for a PDF of the results.

Link to Routegadget: (note that on splits browser some early finishers don't have splits so show as *mp)

Organiser / Planner's comments:

We hope you all enjoyed your run around Warwick University.  I tried to include as much route choice as possible in the senior courses and although it was not a sprint event I hope the frequent changes of direction provided some practice for the British Sprint & Sprint Relay Championships at the weekend.  Thank you for all the positive comments on the courses.  For those of you who mis-punched and are going to the British Champs perhaps this serves as a good reminder to always check your control codes? 

A huge thank you from both of us to Bob Brandon for running the Start, to Graham & Liz Urquhart for running the Download and to Keith & Margaret Willdig and Jane Stew for help collecting all the controls in.  The five of us finally drove away around 10pm last night so it was a long day!

Andy & Jill Emmerson