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Tech1 results on MapRun: here     PIN to view tracks: 4621
Tech2 results on MapRun: here     PIN to view tracks: 8291

Planner's comments:

Borough Hill in June proved a challenge with the long grass and nettles, made worse by the rain over the days before. The evening itself though was gloriously sunny. Given the open nature of the terrain 2 MapRun courses were planned to provide an additional challenge . Precise navigation was required in places to get to the correct concrete block. These proved more popular with 19 entrants (6 running both) as opposed to 7 for the Si courses .This may raise a debate as to the desirability of Si courses at small events given the effort required to put out and take in the controls.

Many thanks to all those who helped in particular Bruce Bryant for his invaluable help and Bob Brandon for collecting controls in.

Mark Rookledge