Club News by Karin Kirk


This year the annual multi-day Easter Weekend of Orienteering was held in Wales. The JK2022 event, comprising three racing disciplines, sprint, middle and long distance, and a relay on Day 4, attracted over 2000 entries. A large team of Octavian Droobers Club members enjoyed the fine weather and some great locations.

At the sprint event on Day 1 around Swansea University Campus and Singleton Park several earned top 3 places in their respective classes:  William Gardner was 2nd on the 3.9km M21 Elite course, 11 seconds behind the winner, taking 14.51mins and Nathan Lawson was 3rd in 15.14mins. Barry Elkington was 2nd M65 taking 13.25mins on the 2.3km course, Mike Hampton was 3rd M75 in 18.51mins on the 2.1km course, Nadine Wright was 3rd on the Womens Open 2.8km race in 18.07mins and Sheila Carey 3rd on the W75 2.lkm course in 23.16mins.

The Day 2 Middle distance race at Clydach Terrace on the edge of the Brecon Beacons National Park, Will Gardner was again placed 2nd on the M21 Elite 5.9km course taking 31.18mins only 1 second ahead of Nathan Lawson’s 31.19mins. Alistair Landels was 3rd on the M50 Long 4.9km course in 37.25mins, Trevor Simpson was 2nd M80 on the 2.4km course in 38.39mins, Juliette Soulard W50 was 3rd on her 3.7km course in 33.22mins and Sheila Carey was 2nd W75 in 29.10mins on the 1.8km course.  

The final Day 3 long distance event was held at Pwll Du, near Blaenavon, Will Gardner was 1st on the M21 Elite 16km long course in 94.34mins, Alistair Landels, 2nd on the M50 Long 8.3km course in 63.20mins, Nadine Wright 3rd W21 Long 7.5km course in 91.54mins and Sheila Carey 2nd W75 in 57.22mins on the 3.7km course.

The overall results from the three days saw podium places for Sheila Carey winning the W75 class and Will Gardner 2nd M21 Elite, Trevor Simpson 3rd M80, Alistair Landels 3rd M50 Long, Nadine Wright 3rd W21 Long and Stephen Elkington 3rd M21 Short.

The Relay at Caerwent was very exciting and congratulations go to the OD team of Nathan Lawson, Matthew Elkington and William Gardner winning the prestigious JK Trophy and to Bruce Bryant, Sheila Carey and Barry Elkington winning the Ultra Veteran Trophy.

For details of how to take part in this fun outdoor active sport, ideal for beginners, runners and families of all ages please see website,, email or contact Karin Kirk 01926 632189.


At the 2022 British Trail-O Orienteering Championships, held in the forest at Hogsmoor Inclosure, Hampshire, all three classifications were won by members of Octavian Droobers Orienteering Club.

The competition allowed all abilities and ages to compete. It included people with limited mobility as speed is not part of the competition. The discipline involves correct identification of visible control points on the ground as shown on a map from a series of fixed vantage points. This allows able bodied and participants with disabilities to compete on level terms.

All the gold medals were won by club members. Congratulations to Anne Straube who is the British Open Champion, for a record-equalling third time, achieving a fully correct score of 20 points. The physical challenged class winner was Graham Urquhart and the junior class winner was Max Straube-Roth, Anne’s son.

Graham Urquhart has been selected, and will compete with the British team in the European Trail-O Championships in Finland in May this year.

The next local event, ideal for newcomers, takes place at Coombe Abbey Country Park, near Coventry, on Wednesday 13 April, starts 6pm – 6.45pm. For details of how to take part in this fun outdoor active sport, ideal for beginners, runners and families of all ages please see website,, email or contact Karin Kirk 01926 632189.