A major weekend of running was enjoyed by Octavian Droobers Orienteering Club members in the New Forest at Godshill, near Fordingbridge, Hampshire organised by Wimborne and Wessex Orienteering Clubs. The popular two day Caddihoe Chase Weekend attracted nearly 600 entries from around the country.

Congratulations to Kirsten Strain who won her W35 class on Day 1 and took 2nd place on Day 2 and to Barry Elkington M65 was 2nd on both Days and to Hilary Simpson W80 who also clocked up 2nd places.

Full club member results in age classes were:

On Day 1, the middle distance:

Paul Gregson 3rd M40 in 84.44mins on the 6.1km course, David Lawson 4th M55 in 41.16mins on the 4.525km course, Barry Elkington 2nd M65 on the M60 course in 54.33mins on the 4.525km course, Dave Marr 5th M70 in 48.34mins on the 4.025km course, Trevor Simpson 4th M80 in 58.56mins on the 3.875km course

Kirsten Strain 1st W35 in 39.05mins on the 5.05km course, Jill Emmerson 3rd W55 on the W50 course in 66.31mins on the 4.525km course, Hilary Simpson 2nd W80 in 83.57mins on the 3.875km course

Day 2, Long Distance, OD results were:

Paul Gregson 4th M40, David Lawson 9th M55 on the 6.8km course, Barry Elkington 1st M65 on the M60 6.825km course (2nd overall) on the course, Tony Feltbower 9th M65 in 51.22mins and Andy Emmerson 10th M65 in 54.04mins on the 5.825km course, Dave Marr 5th M70 in 60.28mins on the 4.95km course, Trevor Simpson 3rd M80 in 68.39mins on the 4.1km course.

Kirsten Strain 2nd W35 in 58.22mins on the 6.825km course, Jill Emmerson 2nd W55 in 60.58mins on the 4.95km course, Hilary Simpson 2nd W80 in 66.17mins on the 3.4km course.


Running around Burnholme in Yorkshire, Mike Hampton M75 was 1st in 32.37mins on the 3.5km Mens Hyper Vet class.

The Burbage Village event in Leicestershire was very popular and Philip Vokes M21 was fastest on the longest Mens Open course 7.4km taking 41.48mins, Chris McCartney M50 3rd   in 47.14mins, Philip Ainsley M21 4th in 50.37mins and Mark Rookledge M55 6th in 53.50mins. Peter Carey was 1st in 30.40mins, Mike Hampton 4th in 33.34mins on the Mens Hyper Vet 3.3km course. Junior Jessica Gilder W10 was 1st in 45.29mins on the 2.4km Womens Young Junior course. Harriet Lawson W21 won the Womens Open 6.4km course in 53.26mins, Liz Philips W55 was 2nd in 38.21mins on the Womens super Vet 4.3km course. Joanne Leigh W50 won the Womens Ultra Vet 3.3km course and Margaret Willdig was 2nd in 35.37mins. Sheila Carey W75 was 1st in 32.28mins on the 3.3km Womens Hyper Vet course and Sue Bicknell 2nd in 44.40mins

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