The two day weekend in the South Lakes was held on sand dunes at Roanhead on Saturday followed by complex open Lakeland fell at Torver High Common event on Sunday.

The ladies took the honours at the middle distance race on Saturday: Liz Phillips W50 won the 3.1km Green Women course in 34.06mins and Jill Emmerson W50 was 2nd in 37.05mins. Anne Straube W40 was 2nd on the Blue Women 3.8km course in 38.50mins. Kirsten Strain was 6th W21 on the Brown 4.3km, with 205 metres of climb taking 41.59mins and Carolyn Marr was 6th W65 on the 2.5km Short Green course 41.09mins. Congratulations to young Max Straube-Roth who was top M10 taking 17.32mins on the 1.9km Yellow course.

On Sunday at the long distance event Nathan Lawson was top M20 on the longest Black 10.8km course with 480 metres of climb taking 72.45mins. Kirsten Strain was 2nd W21 on the Short Brown 7.9km course in 66.28mins. On the Blue 6.9km course with 200 metres of climb new club members had good results: Mykyta Chubynsky was top M40 and Paul Gregson 2nd M35. On the same course Dave Marr was 2nd M65 in 77.18mins, Anne Straube W40 was 2nd in her age group in 72.54mins and Rob Smart was 3rd M45.   On the Short Blue 5.2km course Daniel Roth was top M45 in 51.36mins, Liz Phillips 4th W50 in 60.09mins. Andy Emmerson was top M60 on the Green 4.1km course in 39.36mins and Mike Hampton 5th M70 in 55.45mins. Carolyn Marr was 4th W65 on the Short Green 3.4km course in 54.25mins. On the Orange 2km course Josie Smart was 2nd W12 in 24.34mins and Max Straube-Roth 5th M10 on the Yellow 1.3km course.

At Bradgate Park, Leicestershire, Alfie Bullus M16 was 2nd on the 6.3km Blue course in 47.03mins with 230 metres of climb and Aleksandrs Ivanovs M35 was 3rd in 47.12mins.

15th November 2016

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