The popular bank holiday Tamar Triple event in Devon and Cornwall started with an urban event around Plymouth Town and top ten club scorers were: Mike Hampton M70 7th in 44.57mins on the 4km Ultra Vet Men’s race and Max Straube-Roth M10 6th on the 2.4km Young Junior Men course in 42.06mins. On Day 2 at Davidstow Mike Hampton was 2nd M70 in 48.12mins, Trevor Simpson 1st M75 in 63.12mins, Hilary Simpson 1st W75 in 60.47mins and Daniel Roth M45 was 8th overall in 39.18mins on the 5.6km Green course. Max Straube-Roth was 2nd on the White 1.7km course taking 19.39mins and Rachel Alexander W55 4th on the Orange 3.6km course in 30.21mins

At Mount Edgcumbe, a middle distance event, on Day 3, Anne Straube won the W40 4.2km course taking 39.25mins and Hilary Simpson won the W75 2.3km course in 33.29mins. Daniel Roth was 7th on the M45 4.6km course in 55.09mins, Stan Alexander 7th on the M60 4.2km course in 48.49mins, Mike Hampton 6th on the M70 3.2km course in 44.49mins, Trevor Simpson 5th on the M75 2.8km course in 46.55mins and Max Straube-Roth was 5th on the 1.5km White course in 19.02mins

The Urban League at Ripon, Yorkshire this weekend, saw Sheila Carey W70 2nd in the Women’s Ultra Vet 3.7km course in 43.43mins, Peter Carey M70 3rd in the Men’s Ultra Vet 4.2km race in 40.50mins and Chris McCartney M45 5th on the Veteran Men’s Course in 46.59mins around the 7.3km course.

31st May 2016


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