To mark the club’s 50th anniversary a special orienteering event, organised by Phil Kirk, planned by Sue Hallett and controlled by Kerstin Mitchell, was held at a brand new venue in Warwickshire. The use of Shuckburgh Park, by kind permission of Sir James Shuckburgh, in the east of the county, near Daventry was perfect and offered a variety of terrain, both woodland and open grass areas with significant climb, to challenge the 265 competitors.

This West Midlands League event attracted over 100 club members to maintain their current league leader status. Fastest runner on the longest Brown 8.6km course with 325 metres of climb was Will Gardner M21 who found his 30 controls in 51.39mins ahead of Harrison McCartney M18 63.33mins and Chris MacKenzie M21 from CLOK club 69.24mins. On the Blue 6.5km course with 280 metres of climb, Adrian Pickles M55 from Wrekin Orienteers came 1st in 56.34mins just ahead of fellow club mate Clive Richardson M45 57.27 and David Williams M50 from Harlequins Club 58.17mins.

Richard Windsor M50 from Leicestershire Orienteering club was 1st on the Green 4.5km course with 190 metres of climb taking 50.35mins, Felix Lunn M14 was 2nd in 51.23mins and Jamie Rennie M45 from LEI was 3rd in 52.22mins. Bruce Bryant M55 was 1st on the short Green 3.5km course taking 36.03mins, Jim Prowting M65 from Thames Valley 2nd in 41.12mins and Peter Carey M70 44.58mins.

Paul Quinney M45 won the Light Green 3.5km course in 39.56mins, Oliver Flippance M14 was 2nd in 41.55mins and Guy Ross M20 3rd in 45.00mins. Charlie Rennie M12 from LEI was 1st on the Orange 3km course taking 30.08mins, Peter Markham M12 2nd in 34.34mins and Pippa Smart W12 3rd in 35.14mins. Arthur Mitchell M10 from Harlequins won the Yellow 1.8km course in 25.30mins and was awarded a prize as the most promising junior on the day, Emma Grier W14 was 2nd in 27.08 and Joe Quinney M12 3rd in 32.38mins. On the very short White 1.3km course Daisy Rennie W10 from LEI was 1st in 15.16mins, Joel Taylor M10 2nd in 16.49mins and George Rennie M8 LEI 26.17mins.

Afterwards the club put on a BBQ, and awarded prizes to the competitor wearing their oldest orienteering outfit and to the most promising junior.

9th June 2015

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