Octavian Droobers finished this year in fourth place in the national Compass Sport Cup Final. Alistair Powell, club captain, gave a massive thanks to all those who made the trip down to Long Valley in Aldershot last weekend to compete. He was disappointed that the club was not placed higher but said unfortunately we had a handful of key runners drop out due to injury and illness. The area itself proved pretty taxing for most of the Droobers and although we ended up 4th overall we were favourites to win, according to latest British Orienteering statistics.

Bristol Orienteering Klubb topped the tables with 2381 points, closely followed by South Yorkshire Orienteers 2311 points, Southern Navigators scored 2281 points and OD 2229 points. The top twenty five scorers from the Droober team of over 70 competitors included some great runs and the club came 1st in the women’s open class: Julie Emmerson 97 points, Sophie Kirk 93, Anne Straube 92, Toni O’Donovan 91, and in the men’s and women’s veteran course: Peter Carey top scorer with 99 points, Sheila Carey 92 points, John Bowman 81 and Hilary Simpson 80.  

Lesley Ross scored 98 points coming 3rd in her race as did Mike Hampton on his course. Harrison McCartney came 2nd scoring 98 points and Nathan Lawson was 4th with 94 points on the Junior Mens course. Andy Simpson was 4th on the Open Mens 11.2km Course and scored 97 points. Other point scorers were: Richard Gardner 96, Liz Philips 90, Barry Elkington 89, David Lawson 88, Suzanne Humphries 87, Alistair Powell 86, Tony Feltbower 84, Alfie Bullus 84, Rachel Emmerson 82, Chris McCartney 81, Aleksandrs Ivanovs 78 and Bruce Bryant 74.

Liz Phillips, club chairman, presented trophies to the winners of the club championships which were held at Brandon Wood, at the annual Christmas Party at Kenilworth Wardens Sports Club.

Oliver Lunn was presented with the M12 trophy and brother Felix was handicap winner. The Junior Men’s Trophy was awarded to Alfie Bullus and Callum Pearman was the handicap winner. Joseph Kwok was Intermediate Men’s winner and Guy Ross won the handicap prize. Open Men’s Trophy winner was William Gardner and Mateusz Podsiadly handicap winner, Chris McCartney Senior Men’s Trophy winner, Rob Smart handicap winner. The Veteran Men’s winner was David Lawson and Kevin Ross handicap prize, Vintage Men’s winner Richard Gardner and Keith Willdig handicap prize and Super Vintage Men’s trophy went to Peter Carey and Trevor Simpson the handicap prize.

Pippa Smart won the Girls W12 and under trophy and Tabitha Lunn the handicap prize. The Open Women’s trophy was won by Harriet Lawson and the Senior Women’s trophy was awarded to Lesley Ross and handicap to Jo Congo. The Veteran Women’s trophy was won by Liz Phillips and handicap by Jane Stew. Sheila Carey won the Vintage Women’s trophy and the handicap was awarded to Margaret Willdig. Super Vintage Women’s was won by Hilary Simpson and Sue Bicknell collected the handicap prize.

19th Dec 2014


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