A high attendance of club members at both events was partly due to the good weather and as a build up to the annual international orienteering four day Easter Festival (the JK) which this year is taking place in Scotland.

John Middler, organising his third event in three weeks, was pleased at the participation levels at Stoneleigh (90 competitors), and in particular the number of juniors who came along to take part in the club’s extra coaching and training run by Debbie Morse and the Emmerson family.

On the short Orange course Suzanne Humphries W45 was 1st in 14.37mins, and juniors Davina Mistry and Thomas Pegler were 2nd and 3rd in 19.43mins and 20.53mins. On the Light Green Course Dermot Lynch M40 was 1st in 36mins, John Ward M65 2nd in 36.06mins and John Bowman M65 3rd in 40.31mins. On the longer Green Course Matthew Halliday M21 was 1st in 25.13mins, Chris McCartney M40 2nd in 27.13mins and Tom Jeffries M40 3rd in 27.45mins.

At the Leicester Orienteering Club regional event over two and fifty hundred competitors from around the midlands ran through Ratby and Martinshaw Woodlands, part of the new National Forest, crisscrossing paths and scrambling through bramble undergrowth. Club members produced some fine results: on the long 9.22k Brown course Harrison McCartney M14 was 5th in 1.07.41mins, Lesley Ross W45 was 3rd on the Green 5.02k course in 42.28mins and Richard Gardner M55 4th in 42.54mins, on the Short Green 3.9k course Janet Richardson W60 was 4th in 50.05mins and John Leyden M14 4th on the Light Green 3.44k course in 38.51mins.

2nd April 2012

1 Matthew Halliday OD M21 25.13
2 Chris McCartney OD M40 27.13
3 Tom Jeffries OD M40 27.45
4 Sophie Kirk OD W20 29.11
5 John Embrey HOC M50 29.18
6 Matthew Elkington OD M18 29.48
7 Chris Embrey JOK M21 30.40
8 Barry Elkington OD M55 32.29
9 Julie Emmerson OD W16 32.49
10 Andy White HOC M55 34.29
11 Alan Segar OD M35 34.45
12 Stan Alexander OD M60 35.36
13 Peter Carey OD M65 35.55
14 Andy Cherry OD M40 37.45
15 Keith Willdig OD M60 38.20
16 Shiela Carey OD W65 39.10
17 Liz Phillips OD W45 40.43
18 Diane Phillips W50 41.48
19 Liam Clarke OD M18 43.07
20 Mike Shires TVOC M35 44.15
21 Mike King M55 44.45
22 Margaret Willdig OD W55 47.17
23 Jackie Embrey HOC W50 48.30
24 Sue Bicknell OD W65 50.50
25 Neil Rackham OD M45 53.38
26 John Wright OD M70 55.39
27 Oliver King M18 56.46
28 Volker Betz OD M40 59.29
29 Mike Snell OD M55 63.36
30 Nick Stringer & John McAnenny M45 68.43
31 Elizabeth Pain W21 69.08
32 Kim OD M70 70.06
33 Graham Urquhart OD M55 74.45
34 Jane Stew OD W55 100.49
35 Mark Bailey OD M45 RTD
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