Octavian Droobers club members organised two events, one on Saturday at Brueton Park, Solihull and the other at Coombe Country Park, near Coventry, on Sunday.

Lin Page and Steph Ellis-Gray organised three courses at Brueton Park and the event attracted many schoolchildren from around the area. On the short Yellow course Bourneville School sixteen year old pupils took the first 3 places: Kyle McIntosh 13.52mins, Connor Lockwood 13.53mins and Jared Lowe 15.26mins. Andy Cherry M40 came in first on the Orange course in 24.39 mins, John Bowman M70 was the next club member in 30.18mins and John Wright M70 3rd club member in 34.19mins. On the longer Green course Calum Barnetson M20 was 1st in 33.19mins, ahead of Mike Hampton M65 35.40 and Alan Halliday M55 in 38.02mins.

The West Midlands League event staged at Coombe Country Park by John Middler, was well attended by runners from around the midlands. Winner of the White 1.7k course was Olivia Bailey W8 in 15.14mins; Kieran Sampson Leicester Orienteering Club was 2nd in 19.37mins and Adam Kermode M14 3rd in 20.10mins. On the Yellow 2.3k course Holly Craig W10 from Walton Chasers won in 18.05mins, John Cherry M12 2nd in 18.48mins and Ben Hardy M10 Leicester 19.53mins, and 7 year old Luke Cherry ran his first ever solo race and came 4th in 20.57mins – not far behind his brother!

Luke Lambert M12 was 1st on the Orange 2.6k course in 19.09mins; Liz Cherry W40 was 2nd in 19.49mins and Kim M70 3rd in 22.36mins. On the Light Green 3.5k course Jason Sampson M40 from Leicester won in 30.54mins, Andrew Till was 2nd in 31.29mins and Heather Craig W14 from Walton Chasers 3rd in 31.54mins. Andy Cherry M40 won the Short Green 3.2k course in 26.50mins ahead of Colin Spears M75 Harlequins 28.30mins and Hazel Waters W60 Walton Chasers 29.01mins.

Hamish Rogers M16 won the Green 4.6k course in 27.14mins, Andrew Sadler M21 Sheffield University was 2nd in 30.03mins and Mike Hampton M65 3rd in 32.42mins. On the long Blue 7.3k course Matthew Elkington M18 came 1st in 39.11mins ahead of John Embrey M50 Harlequins in 40.37mins and Tom Jeffries M40 in 41.42mins.

20th March 2012

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