Many club members spent the Bank Holiday running in 3 events through the Shropshire forests and steep sided valleys of High Vinnalls, Mortimer and Brampton Bryan plus an urban sprint around Ludlow town centre. After the three main events top ten places went to Calum Barnetson M18 on the short Brown course who came 6th with a cumulative total of 213.41mins, Barry Elkington M55 on the Blue 2 course who came 9th taking 158.88mins, Aimee Morse W14 10th on the Green in 143.49mins, Sheila Carey W65 2nd on the Short Green in 147.25mins, Stephen Elkington M14 2nd 122.50mins and Tom Ross 7th M14 184.55mins on the Light Green Course.  

Around Ludlow town centre Barry Elkington M55 came 2nd on the C 4.3k course in 33.18mins, Peter Carey M65 4th 32.04mins and Sheila Carey 5th W65 34.05mins on the D 3k course. Several Club members achieved good results on the individual days and the full results are on the Springtime in Shropshire (SINS) website.  

John Boden planned the Wedgnock event near Warwick and about 100 runners took part on the 4 challenging courses. Nirmal Mistry M12 was 1st on the 1.4k Yellow course in 15.13mins, Anna Hopley W10 2nd 23.03mins and Abbie Barsby W10 3rd 24.43mins. 

Irene Rogers W60 was 1st on the 2.2k Orange course in 40.06mins, Ella-Rose McCartney 2ndd 41.37mins and Rachel Johnson W14 3rd in 43.30mins. The Green 3.2k course was won by Barry Elkington M55 in 28.10mins, Suzanne Humphries W45 was 2nd in 30.51mins and Alan McKinley M35 from Harlequins 3rd in 31.45mins. Also from Harlequins John Embrey M50 won the Blue long 4.6k course in 31.56mins, Harrison McCartney M14 was 2nd in 35.23mins and Father Chris McCartney M40 3rd in 38.24mins.

31st May 2011

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