There were some great performances at JK2024 with Droobers picking up 15 podium places across the three days in all classes. Top of the pops was Alistair Landels who picked up 1st place in M55L on both individual days at a very wet and muddy Beaudessert followed by Juliette Soulard with a 1st and 2nd place. Another nice stash for the family trophy cabinet and a good reward for focussing on the forest days.

Good Friday saw a really good sprint race at Loughborough University on an intricate and sloping area of the campus. The weather was kind to us and the event was very well organised with great facilities. Five of the podium places were picked up here with Nathan Lawson, Richard Gardner, Keith Willdig, Pete Carey and Hilary Simpson making the top three places.

Days 2 and 3 at Beaudessert were quite unusual since they used the same area and many control sites on both days. Some of the sites that were very muddy and boggy, slurry in parts really, on Day 1 were almost uncrossable by the time a big field was going over them again on the 2nd day. There were also a lot of path options on many legs although the paths were so slippery underfoot that runners were taking to the undergrowth to avoid them. It will probably be a talking point for some time! Droobers picked up 5 podium places on both days. In addition to Alistair and Juliette, Pete Carey, Sheila Carey (x2), Hilary Simpson, Keith Willdig and Katrina Shilladay picked up top 3 positions.

Here's hoping for a similar level of success at the JK Relays.

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