Orienteering Symbols Quiz

Our interactive control description symbol quizzes will help improve your knowledge of the international IOF pictorial symbols by asking you to match each symbol with the corresponding text.

NEW - January 2019 Touchscreen and mobile compatible symbol matching game (can also be played using a mouse). Three difficulty levels, sound effects, choice of one control category or a mixture of all categories, multi language (currently English, French, German, Dutch but more can be added if translations are provided).

Touchscreen Control Description Quiz

Older mouse control quizzes (limited touchscreen / mobile functionality):

Each time you play, 8 symbols are picked at random from your chosen group so you have to play several times to see all the symbols.


Too easy? Then try these which pick symbols at random across all of the above groups:

If you're using a small screen and finding it hard to see all the symbols, try holding Ctrl and pressing minus sign (-) to reduce the page size. Hold Ctrl and press zero to go back to normal page size. Also try using F11 to toggle Full-screen mode on / off.

Once you've mastered the individual feature symbols, try these combined ones:


This quiz will test your ability to identify compass directions in different map orientations:


These crosswords test your knowledge of the IOF text descriptions for the symbols:


A comprehensive reference guide to control descriptions including examples is available at:


On-line Training Index (more exercises here including over 30 new 3D contour training exercises for 2020)


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