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Permanent Courses

Permanent courses use control markers that remain in place permanently (e.g. wooden posts), rather than the temporary controls used in events which are only in place while the event is taking place. This means you can use the courses even if there is no organised event on at the time. The normal public opening hours and parking charges still apply for the parks.

The following parks have permanent O courses, with maps available to download from the British Orienteering website:

Compton Verney

Kingsbury Water Park

The following parks have permanent O courses, with maps available from the visitor centres:

Coombe Abbey

Compton Verney

Kingsbury Water Park

Pooley Fields

Ryton Pools

Sutton Park

Other links:

Warwickshire Parks Website

British Orienteering National Database of Permanent Courses

(Note these are EXTERNAL websites not controlled by OD)