Results for CompassSport Cup/Trophy 1st Rd, Sutton Park, 16/01/2011

Monday 16:36 provisional results uploaded

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Compass Sport Cup

Club Points Counters
OD 2398 25
HOC 2356 25
WCH 2202 25

Compass Sport Trophy
Club Points Counters
NGOC 1282 13
WRE 1239 13
SMOC 1205 13
COBOC 377 4

Organiserís Comments

Fortunately the rain just about held off until most runners had finished,
although not so nice having to pack everything away in the drizzle. I would
like to thank all the Droobers who helped make the event run so smoothly,
and almost without a hitch (see below), but especially those who were
prepared to take full responsibility for organising certain areas of work,
and even to arranging equipment. It meant that all I needed to do was to
check how many helpers were required for each task and when, and allocate
them to the 'supervisors'. I recommend this way of working! On the day, it
was unfortunate that fewer toilet units were delivered than ordered, making
for longer queues than is ideal (at least it wasn't cold and wet); and for
the (as yet) unexplained disappearance of the blank maps to be displayed at
the start. I am sure that this did not significantly adversely affect
anyone's run.
And finally, a big thank you to John Bennison, to his attention to detail to
help me ensure that nothing was overlooked, and for the event to run
smoothly and safely.

Tony Feltbower



Plannerís Comments


When I was initially asked to plan the first round of the Compass Sport Cup, I was very apprehensive.  This would be the largest event that I have planned so far, even though I have done several low key events and military league and championship events, including 2 in Sutton Park.  Once I accepted that there was no getting out of it and to just get on with the job, I started by identifying a suitable area for the white and yellow, with plenty paths and line features.  Having identified this I then went to the opposite extreme and identified several control sites for brown and blue courses and finally several control sites for less technical light green and orange courses.  I all I selected 74 control sites and started plotting courses around these sites.  My initial courses, especially blues and greens were to far in excess of the guidelines and the controller, John Bennison soon put me right.  I shortened some courses by over 1k.  Others just needed to be tweeked to offer more of a challenge and greater route choice.  I ended up with 66 controls for the 10 courses.  Once approved, they were passed by John B to Bruce to produce first drafts of competition maps.  Between John and Bruce they agreed maps and control descriptions and eventually passed them to Alan for printing. 


On the weekend of the event, we were very fortunate with the wearher.  With the asistance of Phil Kirk (thanks Phil), we sited 40 controls on Saturday.  It stayed dry throughout, even though the weather forecast had been for heavy rain.  Phil, John B and I completed setting out all remainingcontrols by  0930 on Sunday.  I am glad to say that everything was going well and we were set up and ready to go in good time.  I am also happy to say that the event appeared to go very smoothly, with some very positive feedback and compliments for good courses with excellent route choice.  Again, the weather was kind to us, at least during the event.  It only started to rain after the last runner finished so it was only the planner, controller, organiser, and several non co-opted volunteer control collectors who got wet.  Thanks John Ward, Sue Bicknell, Peter and Shiela Carey, Suzanne Humphries and Bob Brandon.  Thanks also to John Bennison who offered excellent advice and whose meticulous attention to detail is invaluable.


Controllerís Comments


Although I've lived 400m from the park on and off for over 50 years, I rarely compete in events here - it's too familiar.  So I was pleasantly surprised to see how much more runnable the area has become since I planned here in 2001 - much gorse and holly have been removed.  Better for you, but I've now lost my advantage in knowing my way through what was dense green!

If you haven't started from the Streetly end before, I hope John Middler's courses gave you enjoyment and vistas new.  Thanks to Bruce Bryant for an excellent map - he was updating parts right up until the last possible moment.

I have always thought that having the CompassSport round in January/February is not the best time of year for maximising club turnout and fostering a good atmosphere.  There are other reasons too.  The event revealed risks and safety shortcomings that need to be addressed.  In most events, the choice of course is yours, but in a team event like this, many are obliged to enter the course appropriate to their age class in order to count for their club.  For some this means a longer (and possibly more difficult) course than normal which means they will be out for longer.  We were concerned about a few who had been out for a considerable time and were fortunate not to have the snow and sub-zero temperatures that the planner and I enjoyed (?) in December.

We didn't have some of the usual information about these 'missing' runners that we get from individual entries made online or on the day - phone numbers, car registration - that is especially vital for lone travellers.  When entries are made by club captains, we do need more information on the entry form.  Most competitors have left the event by the time concerns are flagged up and there may be no other club members available to provide a description and other intelligence.  Fortunately, on this occasion everyone was eventually accounted for, but ...

John Bennison


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