Results for OD Summer Series, Bentley North, 02/06/2010

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updated 6/06/2010

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In the evening sunshine, Bentley North is a scenic place but the heat seems to make the hills grow - almost as much as the undergrowth over the last couple of weeks! I planned around the worst areas of undergrowth but a small area of nettles before Blue 16 was unavoidable - the nettles in the remainder of the north "POW camp" area were more than shin deep even a few weeks ago. You missed the spectacle of the Bluebells in the southern woods by a couple of weeks but still had to content with the slippery after-effects.
I must apologise for not spotting the issues with the positioning of the number 2 on the Blue map. This control site was a late change to the course and I failed to spot that the planning software had placed the "2" overlapping the circle for control 26. I have asked Paul to re-instate anyone who missed this control on the Blue.(done)

Finally, thanks to Paul, Liz F and Liz P for their help to make the event run smoothly.

Bruce Bryant

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