Club News by Karin Kirk



Congratulations to the many club members who competed in the national annual Championships which took place in Yorkshire. There were 3 different British championship disciplines: a Mixed Sprint Relay, Long and Relay.


At the Long distance championships OD junior Max Straube-Roth was 4th in the M10 class in 20.25mins achieving a gold time. In the M21 Elite class 4 achieved their gold time on the 16km course with 655 metres of climb – Matthew Elkington 8th in 89.54mins, William Gardner 9th in 90.16mins, Nathan Lawson 11th in 90.50mins and Duncan Birtwistle 16th in 95.04mins. Other Gold time achievers in their age classes were: Alistair Landels 20th on the M50 course, Barry Elkington 16th on the M60 course, Richard Gardner M65 13th, Keith Willdig M70 17th, Juliette Soulard W45 13th, Lesley Ross W50 4th, Sheila Carey W70 6th and Hilary Simpson W80 5th.


Kirsten Strain, Helen Elkington and Harriet Lawson were the British Relay champions in the Womens Short relay race and in the Mens Premier Relay race the team of Nathan Lawson, Matthew Elkington and William Gardner were placed 4th. In the M40 relay race Alistair Powell, David Lawson and Alistair Landels were 4th and in the W40 race Lesley Ross, Juliette Soulard and Anne Straube were placed 2nd. Barry Elkington, Bruce Bryant and Richard Gardner were 4th in the M60 relay and in the mini junior relay Adam Landels, Rupert Powell and Max Straube-Roth were 4th.


The mixed sprint relays saw a 9th place for the team of Helen Elkington, William Gardner, Matthew Elkington and Harriet Lawson. Barry Elkington, Liz Phillips and Bruce Bryant were 10th in the Super Vet class and Mike Hampton, Sheila Carey and Pete Carey were 9th in the Ultra Vets class



The annual Orienteering Festival took place in Southern England this year and over the 4 days a variety of races, from sprint, middle and long distances plus a relay were staged. This, the JK2019, is the largest event in the UK calendar and some 4500 competitors from around the UK and overseas enjoyed the brilliant weather. OD club members were well represented and there were some good results.


After a delay in providing the results we are pleased to announce that OD’s M21 Elite runner Will Gardner was placed 3rd overall after coming 4th in the Middle race and 2nd in the Long race. He was just 28 seconds behind the winner – Chris Smithard of Forth Valley Orienteers - combined total of 2 hours 9 minutes and 44 seconds. Matt Elkington was 13th, Nathan Lawson 17th and Duncan Birtwistle 21st also in the M21 Elite race. The club has some great runners in this class. They went on to perform well in the JK Trophy relay competition clocking up a 3rd place with the team of Nathan Lawson, Matt Elkington and Will Gardner. The Senior Womens team of Lesley Ross, Juliette Soulard and Anne Straube had a great 4th place result, as did the Ultra Veteran team of Bob Brandon, Sheila Carey and Barry Elkington. Further results will be published as we receive them.


World Schools Orienteering Championships

Florence and Tabitha Lunn, from Kenilworth School, are this week competing for England at these championships being held in Otepaa in Estonia. They will both be part of the junior girls select team and will be experiencing orienteering through thick forests and hilly landscapes. They will be joining more than 800 athletes from 23 countries from around the world from as far away as New Zealand, China and Brazil as well as from many European countries. Supporting the England teams are OD’s Mel Elkington, deputy head of delegation and coach Sophie Kirk. The club wishes them every success.