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Octavian Droober juniors entered two teams in this prestigious national inter club relay team race. This year it was held at Sutton Park, Sutton Coldfield and organised by City of Birmingham Orienteering Club. ODs top team of Oliver Lunn, Felix Lunn, Oliver Flippance, Pippa Smart, Josie Smart, Tabitha Lunn and Sam Leadley had some great runs. The team finished in 4th place taking 203.44mins overall only a minute behind 3rd placed South Yorkshire. The event started in the early morning with competitors wearing headtorches and continuing into the dawn, and daylight. The West Cumbrian team was 1st and MAROC from Scotland 2nd.

The Senior Home International orienteering championship was this year held in Northern Ireland and Octavian Droober club members, Julie Emmerson and Nathan Lawson helped England to a great win in the individual and relay competitions.

The City of London annual race was staged around the city and the multi-level Barbican Centre. This popular European event attracted 1000 competitors. On course 1, Mens Elite, 8.93km with 32 controls points to find, Harrison McCartney was 3rd in 52.25mins. On the Mens Open, 7.17km, Alfie Bullus M18 was 7th in 54.37mins and Bruce Bryant was 8th on the Mens Ultra Vet course in 38.35mins.

At the John Bennison Long ‘O’ race, on the Long Mynd, Shropshire, Andy Heath was 6th on the 8.56km course taking 96.18mins.

Congratulations to Harrison McCartney who has been selected to the 2017/2018 British Orienteering Talent Squad

14th Sept 2017


Enjoying a late summer weekend break in Cornwall at the two-day orienteering running event on the sand dunes at Hayle were several club members. At the middle distance   race young Max Straube-Roth M10 was 2nd on his age class 1.5km course in 20.50mins. Alistair Landels M45 won his class 5.1km course with 110 metres of climb in 35.49mins.

Andy Emmerson and Barry Elkington were within 3 seconds of each other on the M60 course of 4.5km taking 41.33mins and 41.36mins respectively to come in 10th and 11th place. Anne Straube and Juliette Soulard took 2nd and 3rd places on the 4.5km W40 course taking 44.23mins and 46.08mins. Jill Emmerson was 4th W50 on the 3.5km course in 41.22mins and Liz Phillips 10th in 48.24mins.  

The long-distance race saw juniors Adam Landels winning the M10B course and Max Straube-Roth coming 2nd on the M10A course. Alistair Landels was 1st on the 8.8km M40 course with 240 metres of climb taking 71.24mins. Anne Straube was 1st in 58.70mins and Juliette Soulard 2nd in 77.08mins on the W40 5.9km course with 210 metres of climb. Barry Elkington was 3rd in 58.32mins and Bruce Bryant 7th in 63.52mins on the M60 5.9km course with 210 metres of climb.  On the W50 4.4km course 5th place went to Liz Phillips 63.39mins and Jill Emmerson was 8th in 69.03mins. Mel Elkington was 9th on the W55 4.4km course in 92.50mins. Daniel Roth was 2nd on the M40 Short 5.9km course in 67 mins.

Sheffield Urban race this weekend saw Sheila Carey top W70 on the 3.5km course finding 21 control points in 60.50mins. Keith Willdig was 5th on the Green 4.4km course taking 47.33mins to find the 25 controls. An Urban race around Abingdon saw Nathan Lawson 5th on the Mens Open 7.2km course in 45.34mins, Andy Emmerson finishing 9th in 37.34mins on the M55 course, Keith Willdig 10th in 35.10mins on the M65 course, Margaret Willdig 8th in 43.16mins on the W55 course, Sheila Carey 5th in 36.33mins on the W65 course.

5th Sept 2017