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Julie Emmerson W20 and Nathan Lawson M20 were selected to compete for England in the annual Interland tournament between teams from the Netherlands, Belgium (2 teams), Germany and France. England’s 20th consecutive win was achieved with some great performances including Julie Emmerson coming 2nd in her W20 race scoring 8 points. This score helped the juniors secure the Junior Cup again and added towards England’s overall score of 246 points, well ahead of the second placed VVO, the Flemish Belgian, team score of 190 points.

Andy Simpson M40 came 1st on the High Peak, Caldbeck Fells, event near Wigton. He took 64.36mins on the Brown 9.2k course with 475metres of climb. His wife Toni O’Donovan W35 was third placed woman on the 6.4k Blue course with 350 metres of climb taking 64.32mins.

The tough physical Shining Cliff area event organised by Derwent Valley Orienteers, compensated by lovely sunshine, did not deter the 300 competitors including several club members. Liz Phillips W50 was 3rd on the Short Green 2.5k course with 120metres of climb, in 53.22mins. Bruce Bryant M55 won the Green 3.6k course with 180 metres of climb in 53.35mins and Suzanne Humphries W50 came 2nd in 58.46mins. Anne Straube W35 came 3rd on the Blue 5.6k course with 280 metres of climb in 74.30mins. On the longest course, Brown 7.8k with 415 metres of climb, Chris McCartney M45 came 9th in 112.16mins.

31st March 2014


The new area at Rushmere Park near Leighton Buzzard proved popular with club members and organiser South Midland Orienteering Club staged a fine event in the wooded valleys. Top ten placings were achieved by Sheila Carey W65 who came 1st on the Green 4k course with 140 metres of climb finding the 16 controls in the fastest time of 38.41mins. Husband Pete Carey M70 came 4th on the same course in 40.16mins and Trevor Simpson M75 10th 46.05mins. Anne Straube W35 was 2nd on the Short Blue 4.7k course in 37.26mins only 6 seconds behind the winner. John Ward M70 was 5th 47.02mins, Anthony Walker M45 6th 48.01mins and Roman Kotecky M65 8th 48.25mins all on the same course.

On the longest course Brown 8.9k with 320 metres of climb Chris McCartney M45 was 2nd in 54.23mins and Nathan Lawson M18 was 5th in 57.40mins. Janet Richardson W65 was 3rd on the Short Green 3.5k course taking 48.46mins, Roger Hailey M75 8th 53.26mins, Hilary Simpson W75 9th 57.07mins and Karin Kirk W65 10th 58.46mins. Stephen Elkington M18 was 7th in 46.49mins and Lesley Ross W45 8th in 47.01mins on the Blue 5.9k course with 195metres of climb.

In Yorkshire on Saturday, as part of the UK Orienteering league, some club members ran an Urban race around Thirsk. Liz Phillips W50 came 3rd on the 5.7k Womens Veteran course in 54.40mins, Andy Simpson M40 5th on the Mens Veteran 6.7k course in 46.27mins, Mike Hampton M65 5th on the Mens Ultra Vet 3.8k course in 32.39mins and Toni O’Donovan W35 7th on the 5.7k Womens Open course in 46.33mins. Young 6 year old Ellen Simpson came 5th on the Young Junior Women’s course of 1.9k taking 40.04mins. On Sunday, also a UKOL event, at Givendale and White Cliff Rigg, Yorkshire, Liz Phillips was 2nd on the W50 3.4k course in 39.02mins, Mike Hampton  3rd on the M65 3.4k course in 34.01mins, Andy Simpson 4th on the M40 5.6k course in 48.40mins and Bruce Bryant 7th on the M55 4.4k course in 44.35mins.

 Itchington Holt was the venue for the club’s Saturday morning local event and Tony and Jane Feltblower organised a very well attended event. Competitors enjoyed three courses and the morning spent in the woods with deer, hares and a possible sighting of a wild boar amongst the daffodils and primroses was very enjoyable. There were over 80 participants including a large number of juniors and visitors from other clubs.

Felix Lunn M12 was the fastest on the Yellow 1.4k course taking only 10.47mins, however as this was his second run, Josie Smart’s W10 second placing of 15.31mins was very good followed by Beckie Lang W40 16.11mins and Florence Lunn W10 16.19mins. Sam Leadley M14 was the fastest on the Orange 2.6k course taking 26.02mins, Oliver Lunn M12 2nd in 28.44mins and Phil May M60 3rd in 31.06mins.  Marcus Airila M35, a visitor from KeU club was first on the Long 4.7k course taking 29.01mins, Romualdas Stupelis M21 from HOC 2nd in 29.31mins, Chris McCartney M45  OD 3rd in 33.16mins, David Leadley M50 OD 4th in 37.28mins and Aleksandrs Ivanovs M21 OD 5th in 39.46mins. 

25th March 2014