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Congratulations to club juniors who have been selected to represent Great Britain. Julie Emmerson W18 will be travelling to Bulgaria to compete in the Junior World Orienteering Championships from 21 to 28 July. Also competing for Great Britain is Harrison McCartney in the European Youth Orienteering Championships in the Mens 16 year old category at the event in Strumica, Macedonia on 25 until 29 June.

Harrison McCartney was on top form at the three day Northern Championships event staged around Newby Bridge and at Kendal in the Lake District. He came first on both days at Newby Bridge, winning his Middle Distance 4.4k, with 240 metres of climb, race on Summerhouse Knott in 34.25mins. On Day 2 at Blake Holme and Gummer's How on a most challenging tough, both physically and technically area he won his age category M16A 5.1k course with 250 metres of climb in 48.36mins, nearly 3 mins ahead of the nearest competitor.

Hilary Simpson W75 came 4th on the Very Short Green course in 50.33mins and Anne Straube W35 5th in 47.39mins on her 4.4k course with 225 metres of climb at Summerhouse Knott. On Day 2 club members found the courses tricky and Anne Straube W35 came 4th as did Trevor Simpson M75 and Hilary Simpson W75 5th on their respective courses. On the short courses Bruce Bryant M55 came 1st on the 3.9k course with 200 metres of climb taking 47.08mins as did Stephen Elkington M18 and Daniel Roth

M40 came 2nd.

Day 3 was an Urban event around Kendal and Anne Straube W35 was 3rd best in her age group taking 56.46mins on the Brown 6.7k course with 210 metres of climb as did Liz Phillips in the W50 class taking 49.52mins on the Blue 5.5k with 150 metres of climb. Hilary Simpson was 2nd W75 and Sue Bicknell 4th W70 on the Short Green 3.3k course.

06th May 2014



The 4th West Midlands league event of the year was staged at Breakneck Bank, near Bewdley in Worcestershire by Harlequins Orienteering Club.

Harrison McCartney M16 won the long Brown 9.3k course with 290 metres of climb in 66.23mins and 2nd was Alistair Powell M35 in 72.45mins. On the Green 4.1k course with 135metres of climb Ian Prowse M60 was 2nd and Bob Brandon M65 3rd in 43.46mins. Peter Carey, celebrating his 70th birthday, came 1st on the Short Green 3.6k course taking 43.15mins.

Juniors from the club did well at the event: Sam Leadley M14 was 2nd on the 3.4k Light Green course taking 41.30 and Ella-Rose McCartney W14 was top girl taking 55.55mins on the same course. Felix Lunn M12 had a great run and won the Orange 2.9k course in 28.44mins and Brother Oliver Lunn M12 won the Yellow 2.4k course in 17 mins and sister Florence Lunn W10 was top girl with 30.52mins. On the short White course 1.3k course Tabitha Lunn W10 was 2nd in 19.59mins and other juniors Max Straube-Roth M10 was 4th in 25.33mins and Josie Smart W10 5th in 29.04mins.

Over the weekend Happy Herts Club ran the two day SE Championships with a Sprint event at Oaklands College on Saturday and a Middle Distance at Mardley Heather on Sunday.  Mike Hampton M65 won the Middle Distance Green 3.475k course in 39.07mins and Bruce Bryant M55 came 3rd on the Blue 4.05k course in 37.57mins. Chris McCartney with a combined total of 29.38mins was overall 2nd in the Sprint competition race for M45 – M55 category having come 2nd in the morning and in the afternoon event. Bruce Bryant was placed 1st overall in the M60 – M65 category taking a total of 23.40mins.  

On a very wet night at The Memorial Park, Coventry, Felix Lunn M12 won the Yellow 1.8k course in 11.08mins, Pippa Smart W12 was 2nd in 14.09mins and Oliver Lunn M12 3rd in 14.14mins. Rob Smart M45 won the Light Green 3.7k course taking 23.17mins, Sheila Carey W65 was 2nd in 26.46mins and Felix Lunn M12 3rd (his second run) 30.21mins. Alistair Powell M35 won the long 4.6k course taking 23.42mins, Amy Sarkies W35 was 2nd in 25.33mins and Ian Wilson M45 from Leicester was 3rd in 27mins.

28th April 2014