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After three league events this year Octavian Droobers are in top place with 3542 points ahead of Walton Chasers 3475 points and Harlequins 3384. The event at Beaudesert, Cannock Chase organised by Walton Chasers attracted a good entry from the club including several league first timers.

On the long Brown 8.4k course Nathan Lawson M18 was placed 3rd taking 65.50mins just ahead of club mate Harrison McCartney M16 66.40mins. Amy Sarkies W35 was third on the Blue 6.1k course taking 47.23mins as was Richard Gardener M60 taking 43.20mins on the 4.6k Green course. Juniors did well on the Light Green 3.6k course:  Will Heaton M16 4th 38.13mins, Sam Leadley M14 40.19mins and top girl Ella-Rose McCartney W14 9th 44.29mins. Nicholas Buckley M14 came 6th and took 53.36mins on the 3.3k Orange course.

The current fifteen scorers for the club, making up the 3542 points after the first 3 events in the league, are Stephen Elkington M18 with the maximum 300 points, Alistair Powell M35 297 points, Lesley Ross W45 277, Anne Straube W35 267, Barry Elkington M55 249, David Leadley M50 248,  Gerry Spalton M65 228, Mel Elkington W50 221,Roman Kotecky M65 210, Richard Perry M40 212, Chris Dwyer M60 211,Lin Page W55 217, John Middler M60 204, Stuart Heaton M50 201 and Sam Leadley M14  200.

The local event at Pooley Country Park organised by Margaret and Keith Willdig with help from Jane Stew attracted a high proportion of new members and their families. The added attraction was the beginners coaching session prior to the event, led by Thelma Spalton.

Oliver Flippance M12 won the Short 2.2k course finding 9 controls in 19.22mins ahead of his mother Kerrie Flippance W35 21.19mins. In third place was Nicholas Buckley M14 in 23.34mins. Callum Pearman M14 sped round the Medium 3.3k course finding 14 controls in a fast time of 43.06mins, Steph Howarth W21 2nd in 44.59mins and Jane Dring-Morris W45 from Leicester Orienteering Club was 3rd in 47.07mins. The more technical 4.6k course where competitors had to use map memory to find the 21 controls was won by Mike King M55 in 50.15mins, John Middler M60 was 2nd in 55.50mins and Oliver King M20 3rd in 59.44mins.

04th Feb 2014


A major event in the orienteering calendar attracted over 900 entrants to Star Posts, the large forested area owned by Crown Estates, near Bracknell. Experiencing some very muddy waterlogged conditions underfoot and pouring rain many intrepid club members achieved some great results.

On the  long Elite courses Julie Emmerson came second in 1.01.55mins 26 seconds behind the winner on the 7.8k W18 course, Harriet Lawson 2nd on the W20 7.8kcourse in 1.06.07mins, Nathan Lawson 9th in 1.33.47mins on the M18 11.73k course and Robert Gardner 9th in 2.06.58mins on the M21 16.42k course. Stephen Elkington was 1st on the 5.95k M18Short and Harrison McCartney 2nd on the M16 7.75k Long course taking 57.33mins only 10 seconds behind the winner. Alfie Bullus earned his first championship badge at the event coming in 7th on the M14 5.74k Long course taking 1.12.20mins which was within 25% of the winners’ time.

David Lawson came 1st on the M50 Short 7.06k course taking 1.06.05mins as did Bruce Bryant on the M55 Short 6.21k course. Hilary Simpson won the 3.46k W75 Long course taking 58.09mins. Three club members came in third in their age classes: Lesley Ross W45L in 1.07.38mins, Liz Phillips W50L 1.17.27mins and Mike Hampton M65L in 1.08.59mins all on the 7.06k course.

28th Jan 2014