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Read below for details of a weekend of orienteering in Warwickshire.  Entries now open at www.fabian4.co.ukIf you wish to run a TD5 course / be competitive for Midlands Champs ensure that you pre-enter.  Entry on the day will be very limited.



RESULTS: http://www.cix.co.uk/~neper/index.htm  Routegadget:  http://www.od.routegadget.co.uk/rg2/


Saturday 25th March: Click HERE for the final Rugby Urban Details updated 22nd March 17



Sunday 26th March: Click HERE for the final Bentley Woods Details  updated 22th March 17


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Warwickshire Orienteering Weekend

Rugby Urban, Rugby Town Centre – Saturday March 25th

Midland Championships, Bentley Woods, Atherstone – Sunday March 26th

We are getting close enough to almost taste our first ever Warwickshire Orienteering Weekend that is coming up in March. Consisting of two contrasting and challenging town and country races priced at just £23 for seniors to run both days, including hire of touch free EMITags for everyone to fly through the course, we think it is competitively priced and a must do weekend. We use a simple one price approach without the nonsense of extracting a premium fee if you did not enter months before you ever knew about the event, but, don’t leave it too late!

Rugby town centre will be used for the first time for orienteering and the arena will be in the athletic stadium which provides a great venue for the event. Situated close to the conflux of the M1, M6, M45, A5 and A14, there cannot be an easier place to reach than Rugby from all over the country.

The Midland Championship at Bentley Woods, Atherstone is also extremely easy to reach and, for those of you that have run there before, there is a new twist this year with the arena located in the grounds of Merevale Hall which will give a different slant on a great area.

Have a look at the interim details of both days which are posted on this page, keep an eye out for updates as we get closer and, if you have not already done so, enter at www.fabian4.co.uk .

Any quieries: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Finally, there is a closed junior sprint selection race for the summer's international competitions and squad camps taking place at Warwick University, on the morning of March 25th, which is not organised by OD as part of the two events of WOW, but is running in parallel to them. Those juniors wishing to compete in the closed selection event should contact Paul Murgatroyd directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details. All others should enter the OD organised WOW Rugby urban race, part of the UK Urban and UK Orienteering Leagues, on the same date – enter via www.fabian4.co.uk . The sprint selection race is timed to start so that juniors taking part, or family/friends supporting or providing transportation, can make the short hop over to Rugby in plenty of time to take part in the urban race in the afternoon.’ 



Latest Club News


After 20 events the results are in for the UK Orienteering League and Octavian Droobers finished in 3rd place from over 100 clubs. Bristol Orienteering Klub was 1st with a total of 6844 points, South Yorkshire was 2nd with 6418 and OD 3rd with 6415 only 3 points behind. This great result shows the willingness and enthusiasm of club members to compete at events all around the country, from Cornwall to Scotland, and proves that the club has a wealth of talented and excellent orienteers. The contributing team members are: Anne Straube, Hilary Simpson, Lesley Ross, Liz Phillips, Chris McCartney, Oliver Lunn, Felix Lunn, Nathan Lawson, Alistair Landels, Mike Hampton, Sue Hallett, Jill Emmerson, Barry Elkington, Sheila Carey and Sue Bicknell.

Congratulations to individuals in the UKOL who won their age classes: Nathan Lawson M20 class with 467 points, from a possible 500 points, calculated from his best 5 races, Anne Straube won her W40 class with a score of 487 points and Sheila Carey won W70 class with 498 points.continued.....


20th November 2017


OD WOD Photo

World Orienteering day 2017


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Alistair Powell, club captain, competing at the British Orienteering Championships in the Lake District on 6 May 2017.
Photo Wendy Carlisle


JK 2017 Veteran Relay Winners2c Barry2c Sheila and Mike 170417

JK 2017 Ultra Veteran Champions


Interland podium

Interland Podium

 Interland team 3

Interland Team


Will Gardner with M21 class Midland Championships Trophy 2017

Will Gardener with M21 Midlands Championship Trophy 


Mark Pawsey MPand Mayor of Rugby2c Councillor Sally Bragg

Mark Pawsey MP and Mayor of Rugby Councillor Sally Bragg


Martin Ward at WOW Rugby

Martin Ward at Rugby


Max ODSOC2017



liz phillips on the podium

Liz Phillips on the podium.


Laurie Bradley Trophy winners 2017

Laurie Bradley Winners 2017 


w.mid.2016 junior champions

Juniors with trophies at West Midlands Orienteering Championships 


Myton School wins Year 9 class in British Schools Score Orienteering Championships

Will Gardner winning the Caddihoe chase Trophy October 2016Max Straube Roth at Caddihoe Chase



OD Juniors 3rd in the YBT National Finals 2016


Julie Emmerson 2016 British Champion

Julie Emmerson 2016 British Champion (Robert Lines Photography)




 After surviving the snow on Kilnsey Moor on Day 3, Easter Sunday, these three intrepid Droobers, Peter Carey, Sheila Carey and Barry Elkington, took their place on the podium gaining a 2nd place, on Day 4 at Storthes Hall near Huddersfield, in the Ultra Vets Relay.  




2nd in the Junior Relay Race at the JK2016 Easter International Orienteering Festival. 


Barry Elkington at Compass Sport Cup

Barry at the Compass Sport Cup March 2016




Finn Williams Stein St Augustines RC Kenilworth

Schools Champs runner


 Tabitha Lunn All Saints Primary School

 Schools Champs runner



DSC 0065

FOUND:  A set of (car?) keys found in an EMIT box. Contact Rob for their return.